Charlie Wonderlic | President and CEO

Mr. Wonderlic, grandson of founder and test author E.F. “Al” Wonderlic, is the third generation of the Wonderlic family to lead the 75-year-old company. During his 26-year tenure, the company’s assessment capabilities and market share have grown appreciably. He is currently responsible for providing direction and leadership toward the achievement of the organization's mission, strategy and annual goals.

Mr. Wonderlic served as the Chairman of the Board and President of the Association of Test Publishers in 2006, and his views regarding the purpose and value of assessment have been aired on national television programs including Dateline, Lifetime, CNN FN and 20/20 as well as in hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles.

Mr. Wonderlic received his B.S. in Finance from Miami University, Ohio, and his M.B.A. from the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, Lake Forest, Illinois.

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Innovative HR: Go Beyond the Status Quo

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Talent Acquisition – Five Actionable Ideas for Small Businesses

Small businesses (less than 500 employees) are the backbone of the US economy – yet we’ve all heard the statistics. Over half of our nation’s startups fail within the first 5 years and only one third see their 10th anniversary. But what about those that beat the odds and survive? They account for 49% of private sector employment and a whopping 64% of all net new jobs since 1993.

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The Value of a Job Analysis

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Wonderlic: Making History

Hear from the CEO and President of Wonderlic, Charlie Wonderlic, on risk taking, the advantages of a family-owned business, and what sets Wonderlic apart from other test publishers.

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The Skills Gap is Real – and Widening

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How to Keep a Bad Hire from Getting Worse

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The Cost of Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is costly, there is no doubt about that, and it’s a big problem for organizations. In 2010, employers reported an average turnover rate of 11%. However, the U.S. Department of Labor estimated the average national turnover rate was 38%, which is significantly higher. Statistics show that finding and training a new employee can cost anywhere between 25%-200% of the position’s annual compensation. Read more about The Cost of Employee Turnover

Avoid Bias with the Structured Interview

According to the last Department of Labor report, there were 3.6 million job openings at the end of May, up slightly from April. Even with a conservative ratio of five interviews for each hire, we’re looking at over 18 million interviews taking place in the next few months! 

Why You Need More Than Just a Resume

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