Ken Silber | Executive Vice President of Sales

Ken Silber has been with Wonderlic since 1996. His expertise in assessment, coupled with his successful sales and service background, has guided over 5,000 clients including the NFL, ITT, Kaplan Higher Education, Corinthian Colleges, and Blue Cross Blue Shield toward notable strides in reducing employee turnover, improving stakeholder satisfaction, and increasing student success and retention rates.

As the Executive Vice President of Sales, Ken drives organizational performance by overseeing the unified activities of the marketing, sales, customer support, consulting, training, sales support, and data analysis teams. Building on a proven record of delivering client results to both educators and businesses, Ken is an advocate of innovation in the delivery and reporting of highly predictive assessment data. His teams continually drive new technologies to best meet the needs of employers, students, educators and administrators at the local, state and national level.

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Plenty of Jobs but Lack of Skills

It’s not news that the unemployment rate is still high (8.2% as of June). Many people are actively looking, but struggling, to find jobs.

Interestingly, two articles I recently came across tell a very different story about the employment market. There ARE plenty of jobs available. Of course, with 13 million individuals currently job hunting, this means that there are also plenty of people in the candidate pool. However, the people that are looking for work are not qualified to do the jobs that are open.

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Making Remedial Education Work

Not all students enter post secondary school with same level of basic skills. Through remediation, schools can serve a broader population and ensure that all incoming students will have the minimum skills to be successful.

Unfortunately, remedial education, or Dev Ed, is often referred to as “the graveyard of higher education.” Data from the U.S. Department of Education reveals that 83% of students in remedial reading classes and 73% of students in remedial math classes drop out – a very high attrition rate. Read more about Making Remedial Education Work

The Importance of Student Writing Skills

Did you know that research has linked the use of modern technology to low GPA? With 87% of students using text messaging, social media, and other modern devices to communicate, writing skills are seeing a decline.

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Using Personality Tests to Build Strong Teams

How strong are your teams? Use personality types to create cross-functional understanding. Ken shares a team-building exercise you can use right away to strengthen your employee’s awareness of communication styles.

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