Paula Wojtek | Adult Education/Workforce Specialist

Paula Wojtek has over 20 years in the ABE/Workforce market. She began her journey in the world of adult education as Amnesty Coordinator of a 15 county program in West Texas. At the end of the Amnesty Program, she moved to the position of ABE Coordinator and later to ABE Director where her program won numerous state recognitions. When WIA was implemented in 1998, Mrs. Wojtek was on the local committee to insure all components were in place to meet mandated requirements and continued to work with all aspects of WIA assessment and training.

As a regional trainer for NRS compliance and “data detective” training, she helped programs gain skills to meet their performance measures. She also trained staff on standard skills assessments used by Texas programs. Mrs. Wojtek has been a member of state and regional boards and committees.

She currently serves as the Adult Education and Workforce Specialist for Wonderlic, helping Texas-based ABE, literacy, correctional education, and WIA programs succeed in their goals of preparing students for career and college readiness.

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