Alissa Bencks | National Sales Manager for Wonderlic Education Solutions

Alissa Bencks, national sales manager for Wonderlic Education Solutions, leads the team working with post-secondary schools to identify and implement assessments and consulting solutions that drive long-term student and employee success. Alissa’s professional background is in Education and Management Consulting. Alissa began her career as a teacher and curriculum director at Tecnológico de Monterrey, in Guadalajara, Mexico. Prior to joining Wonderlic, Alissa worked as a consultant at Accenture with a focus on learning programs, leadership development, and change management.

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How to Identify and Prevent Dropout

Early identification of risk factors that could cause a student to drop out can make a major difference in that student’s educational outcomes. Learn how to identify the potential risks and what you can do to prevent dropout.

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Why You Should Measure Learning Outcomes

In order to begin measuring learning outcomes, we need to start with an understanding of why we should be measuring them in the first place.

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