Chris Young | Director of Research and Development Operations

Chris Young is the Director of Research and Development at Wonderlic. Since 2005, he has been directly responsible for managing the Wonderlic ATB process with a focus on Compliance and Regulatory affairs. Mr. Young was the sole test-publisher representative on the U.S. Department of Education’s 2010 Negotiated Rulemaking Committee. In addition to the ATB program, he supervises the translations of Wonderlic tests into various languages, assists in the development of the new Wonderlic Learning Outcomes Assessments, manages testing accommodation protocols, and has focused on process improvement in several areas including methods and tools for test development.

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ATB Testing at the State Level

Since the removal of federal financial aid for students without a high school diploma or the equivalent, ATB testing has become a confusing area for many institutions. Guidelines at the state level and in the regulations of some accrediting bodies have not been updated, resulting in many calls to our support team. Hopefully this article will clear up some of the uncertainty around the use of ATB tests for purposes other than Title IV funding. Read more about ATB Testing at the State Level