Choosing a President Objectively (In an Ideal World)

Presidential candidates come from all walks of life and bring a variety of experiences to the campaign trail. Some are great debaters. Others give rousing speeches. Even physical appearance can make a difference to some voters.

With so much variability (not to mention campaign spin!), how can voters find an easy and objective way to compare and contrast candidates and their qualifications?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the same tools in place for evaluating presidential candidates as you do for evaluating potential leaders for your organization?

Imagine if you could administer the same battery of tests to the nominees!

  • You’d start with a prescreening questionnaire to ensure they meet the minimum requirements.
  • Next, you’d give them a cognitive ability test to evaluate how they would solve problems and handle the mental demands of the presidency.
  • Then, they would take a personality test to find out if their traits are in alignment with what the job requires.
  • You’d then give them a leadership assessment to discover how they would manage their staff, make decisions, and motivate others.
  • Finally, you’d conduct reference and background checks to ensure no negative, job-related activity lurks in their past.

When done, you’d have much more valuable information on each candidate than you could ever get right now. Not to mention – it wouldn’t be created by a publicity team!

Objective evaluation of candidates is difficult when it comes to electing a President, but it doesn’t have to be hard when choosing a leader for your company. Include the above steps to a more complete picture of your candidates.

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