GAIN and the 2014 GED Test

As we continue to get closer to the implementation of the new 2014 GED assessment, I have gotten a lot of questions surrounding how this will affect use of the Wonderlic General Assessment of Instructional Needs (GAIN)® basic skills test. 

My answer: it doesn’t!

GAIN will not change when the new GED assessment is released because it was developed to directly correlate with the National Reporting System’s Educational Functioning Levels (EFLs) – not the GED. We focused on EFLs because many programs need to report on EFL gains as a measure of progress, and many programs rely on this progress to obtain funding.

GAIN is not a test that is specific to GED preparation (although it’s a superior choice for GED prep programs!), instead it is meant to be used by many types of educational programs to help determine exactly where a student stands in their education. The results enable educators to provide more targeted instruction and move students through their EFLs faster.

Whether a state decides to use the new GED or another type of assessment, GAIN will enable programs to more quickly and accurately test and move students towards their goals.


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Unfortunately, our company policy does not allow us to share information about tests or test scores. Please refer your questions to the program that tested you.

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