SHRM 2014 Conference – Transformational Thinking

It seems like employers are back on track when it comes to making corporate improvements by investing in people. Whether it was around engagement, onboarding, recruiting, hiring… the Conference was replete with sessions on not just improving existing methods, but evolving them to take employee success to the next level.

One of the current standouts that affects success is social media. Human resources uses it for hiring, marketing uses it to generate leads and employees use it between servicing customers, which indicates social media is not just here to stay – it’s become an embedded part of our culture. Some businesses have been slow to embrace the change that social media has created, but it’s become very evident in the last few years that companies who are not leveraging social media are missing out in many areas. In fact, if you weren’t tweeting from the show, you may not have been viewed as being engaged! 

Speaking of engagement… employee engagement was the focus of the Conference. It’s become more and more evident that without engagement, employees are performing at suboptimal levels. Simply hiring based on qualifications, experience and references is no longer enough when it comes to creating a “high performance” workforce. The missing piece is often engagement, and one of the top drivers of engagement is motivation.

I spoke to many attendees about the role motivation plays in employee engagement. In fact, our recent research in this area documents a significant correlation between motivation, engagement, and performance. Hiring employees who are more likely to be engaged is critical when it comes to the success or failure of a business. You know this – but until now there wasn’t a tool available to predict employee engagement. However, it’s now possible to predict an employee’s likelihood of engagement by using a brand new test – the Wonderlic Motivation Potential Assessment (MPA).  It’s fast and can be administered online or on paper.

Tradition is good. It’s what keeps us grounded. But embracing change is also good. It’s what keeps us relevant. Take a look at the processes you have in place, and consider where you might be able to implement a few new tactics to help drive further success.


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