ATB Testing at the State Level

Since the removal of federal financial aid for students without a high school diploma or the equivalent, ATB testing has become a confusing area for many institutions. Guidelines at the state level and in the regulations of some accrediting bodies have not been updated, resulting in many calls to our support team. Hopefully this article will clear up some of the uncertainty around the use of ATB tests for purposes other than Title IV funding. Read more about ATB Testing at the State Level

ATB: The Options

As you know, after July 1st, only students with a high school diploma, GED, or Home School Certification are eligible for Title IV funding, including Pell Grants. Read more about ATB: The Options

Mentor Your High Risk Students

If you work with ATB and other non-traditional students, you are well aware that the odds of them dropping out are higher than with traditional students. Keeping them engaged and active in school can be an enormous challenge. If they slip behind and drop out, they’ll have more difficulty reaching their full potential, which can greatly affect their success later in life.  Read more about Mentor Your High Risk Students