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7 Reasons Why You Need to Test Your Creative Hires

You’re looking to fill a creative position: graphic designer, front end web developer, copywriter, video editor… so the first thing you probably want to see is the candidate’s portfolio. After all, work samples are a primary indicator of suitability for many positions, especially creative ones. Read more about 7 Reasons Why You Need to Test Your Creative Hires

Innovative HR: Go Beyond the Status Quo

Many small businesses focus on innovation as a means to leapfrog their competition. From new product development to management processes, coming up with better ways to do things is a high priority. Unfortunately, this is one critical area that seems to be often overlooked when it comes to innovation is HR. Read more about Innovative HR: Go Beyond the Status Quo

Talent Acquisition – Five Actionable Ideas for Small Businesses

Small businesses (less than 500 employees) are the backbone of the US economy – yet we’ve all heard the statistics. Over half of our nation’s startups fail within the first 5 years and only one third see their 10th anniversary. But what about those that beat the odds and survive? They account for 49% of private sector employment and a whopping 64% of all net new jobs since 1993.

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Re-Engaging Your Disengaged Employees

According to Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace Report, 20% of U.S. workers are actively disengaged at work, costing the U.S. an estimated $450 to $550 billion annually. Read more about Re-Engaging Your Disengaged Employees

How to Conduct Employee Engagement Surveys

The end of the year is quickly approaching, which makes it the perfect opportunity to conduct an organization-wide employee engagement survey. In fact, even here at Wonderlic, we are going through our annual employee engagement survey. In this process, employees can reflect  on all that has happened over the past year—successes, setbacks, and failures—without performance appraisals and raises clouding their input. Read more about How to Conduct Employee Engagement Surveys

Hiring Motivated Employees

You have probably always intuitively known that employee motivation—the internal drive, desire, and commitment to “get the job done”—matters a great deal within your organization. In fact, study after study validates your gut feeling and shows that employee motivation has a direct impact on an organization’s bottom line: Highly motivated employees work harder, have better relationships with both internal and external customers, are absent less often, and continue working at the organization longer.

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How to Hire Seasonal Help

Seasonal workers might be temporary, but there’s nothing temporary about the time and effort involved in finding, hiring, training, and retaining them. In fact, for many retailers, hiring holiday help can be one of the most stressful acts of the year. Read more about How to Hire Seasonal Help

Predicting, Stopping Theft in the Workplace

How prevalent is theft at your workplace? How much is it costing your company? Most importantly, how can you stop it?

The answer is to prevent it before it even becomes an issue. By having a robust screening process in place for job candidates, you can minimize the chance you will hire someone inclined to engage in workplace theft. There are several predictive tools you can use, with varying degrees of effectiveness. Read more about Predicting, Stopping Theft in the Workplace

Leadership: Directions for Motivation

If you’ve ever been involved in a hiring decision, did you pay any special attention to the competencies and motivation of the applicants? We know that highly skilled and motivated employees will do more, do it better, and be around to do it longer. But have you given as much attention on how to maintain and/or improve employee motivation? Read more about Leadership: Directions for Motivation

The Benefits of Online Testing

Are your testing methods as effective and efficient as they can be? James Malley discusses the perks of administering your pre-employment or student admissions assessments online.

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