Post-Secondary Education

Basic or Advanced Skills: Which Do You Need to Test?

Basic skills testing has long been proven effective in identifying gaps on the rudimentary levels for English and math skills. This is very useful for screening and placement for entry-level jobs, training programs and student admissions. But what if you need something that goes a little deeper? What if you’re hiring for a higher-level position, or you have incoming students who are supposed to take challenging courses for their degree program, but in reality they’re not ready? Read more about Basic or Advanced Skills: Which Do You Need to Test?

Beyond the Basics: Addressing Advanced Skills Deficits

Everywhere you turn there seems to be bad news about the U.S. falling further behind other countries when it comes to matters of education. Unfortunately, when it comes to mastery of the basics, it’s true. Read more about Beyond the Basics: Addressing Advanced Skills Deficits

The Cost of Student Disengagement

It is alarming that disengaged students represent approximately 18% of postsecondary students. Simply put, disengaged students are less motivated to improve their educational outcomes, and they place less emphasis on their education. It is perhaps no surprise, then, that disengaged students have the poorest educational outcomes, which are costly to the student, the institution, and society. Read more about The Cost of Student Disengagement

The Value of Certificates

Though the traditional path to a rewarding career and higher income has typically been associated with a four-year college degree, recent trends show the value of becoming certified is rising.

Read more about The Value of Certificates

For-Profit Repayment Rates Improving

Last Friday, the Department of Education released new data on two- and three-year federal student loan cohort default rates.

Don’t let the news get you down. There were some exciting – and positive – numbers that came
out of the report: the two-year default rate of for-profit institutions decreased from 15%
to 12.9%.
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Embracing Gainful Employment

On the eve of implementing the Department of Education’s (ED) highly controversial Gainful Employment regulations, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia ruled against the Department of Education and struck down the regulations, stating that, “The debt repayment standard was not based upon any facts at all.” Read more about Embracing Gainful Employment

How to Improve Learning Outcomes

It’s common knowledge that the higher your post-secondary degree, the higher your income is likely to be. However, due to the economy and the technological advances of our society, obtaining a post-secondary education has gone from being a way to boost your income to being a necessity. Read more about How to Improve Learning Outcomes